Spring Meadow Bakery is truly pleased to make products that stand out from the rest not only in taste but in appearance as well.



Spring Meadow Bakery came into existence in 2004, our goal was and is to provide exceptional baked goods to our customers using quality ingredients resulting in a delicious product that you would be proud to serve to your family and guests.

We realized that we needed to stand out in the market place and look different than our competitors, so the “Square Tart” and “Square Cupcake” was born. Our short pastry dough is an in-house product development with exceptional texture and taste. Our product line is extensive ranging from many varieties of tarts, to single serving cakes, cupcakes, loaf cakes and many food service products as well.

We bake using the highest quality ingredients, producing products the same way as you would at home.
— Dominic Sousa (President)

Product development is a key aspect of our business, our team continues to work on new items for our customers all the time. Success cannot be achieved without great employees, the team of loyal employees at Spring Meadow Bakery work hard to provide you the customer with exceptional quality products. Our employees are truly appreciated for their dedication and hard work, together we will continue to bring quality baked goods to you, our customer.